Your Team for ACRP, SOCRA, GCP Exams and more!

Wilson Quality Auditing and Training Services focuses on helping you prepare for Good Clinical Practice examinations (ACRP, SOCRA etc.) by providing an online test that mimics real life situations and questions you can be expected to find in your actual exam. The test is comprised of more than 300 ICH Guideline, FDA and Canadian regulatory questions, with more being added all of the time. The test is 100% online and comprised of a variety of different question types, such as matching, fill in the blanks and true and false. Hundreds of now successful doctors have taken this test prior to the actual certification exam. All of our applicant have responded positively and note that without our practice exam they may not have reached the mark necessary or even worse, failed!


These exam questions are designed to test the Clinical Investigator in you! During the exam you’ll be queried on your understanding of an Investigator's responsibilities as it relates to the following:

  • Subject well-being, rights, and welfare
  • Protocol
  • Staff
  • Sponsor
  • IRB and regulatory agencies

Why not give it a go today and get a leg up on your preparation the fast and affordable way!

Study Coordinators

Study Coordinators are often the first line of contact for a volunteer interested in clinical research. Using our comprehensive and reliable GCP Practice tests to ensure you have a full understanding of exactly what is expected of you and the correct way to get it done. Past applicants believe that this test has helped them remarkably and some even credit it actually help them pass!

Study Monitors

Sites rely heavily on the study monitor as a second set of eyes to make sure they did everything in accordance with the protocol. The study monitor must be able to make sure that all regulations are adhered to. Why not take the test today and assess your knowledge or the responsibilities of a study monitor.